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Relevant Topics for Oil & Gas Industry Analysts

$81 Billion Dollars
is Missing from the Industry

Why California
Gasoline Prices Are So High

Bush’s 2000
National Energy Policy


Divorce Men

Drilling – CA

OIl Gas Reserves
Calc – SEC

USGS Bakken Slides

USGS Fracking Data

H. R. 2448

SPR RichtonReport

Hydraulic Fracturing

Where the Shale Gas
Revolution Came From

Capacity Report

Golden Rules Report

Keystone Facts

Injection Wells


Federal Energy – Statement


Enfamaranth Opinion

FDIC Guidance

Natural Gas Futures

HSE Compendium Web

IEA Data

MAP Search Petroleum Updated

Northeast Reserves

Oil Gas Subsidence

Oil Rail Comments US – DOT

Opacftc Managed Money Trader Study

PHMS Failure Investigation
Report Plains Pipeline
LP Line 901 Public


Plains Oil Spill – 2015

S-11 Geothermal MAP

SB53 Submission Absolute Final SB53

Skilling Cross

Storage Capacity

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